Nejjarine museum – thrifty morocco

During your stay in Fez, plan a few visits to cultural places. Consider, for example, the visit to the Nejjarine Museum, dedicated to the arts and crafts of wood. Find out more about this magnificent ...

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Majorelle garden – thrifty morocco

Visiting Marrakech? Don't miss visiting the Majorelle Garden, one of the most important tourist sites in ochre city. If you've ...

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Bouznika beach – thrifty morocco

If you are going on holiday to Casablanca, and you plan to visit Rabat, then plan a little more time than expected to enjoy a pretty beach located in the middle of the road: Bouznika beach. Discover ...

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Hassan tower – thrifty morocco

The city of Rabat is the capital of Morocco, so it has several important monuments. The Hassan Tower is one of them. Find out more about this historic site and consider renting ...

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Cinematographic achievements in morocco

Morocco: Maturity, Agriculture, Richness, Opportunities, Conviviality, the land of a thousand and one blessings. Since time immemorial, Morocco has hosted a diverse range of film productions ...

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Moroccan architecture

Morocco is one of the countries where traditions are most rooted. A country rich in its history, strong in its culture. A vast country that extends from north to south, Morocco has significant potential ...

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Essaouira, a sensory experience !

Are you planning to spend a weekend in Essaouira and looking to make the most of this short stay ?  How to get organized is exactly what's bothering you ? Do not sweat it anymore ! Here ...

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Exploring tangier, the northern pearl of morocco

Are you planning to spend a weekend in Tangier? But the only thing that stopping you from hitting the road is transportation and not knowing what to explore? No worries anymore! A wide range of ...

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What to see & do in casablanca?

You like big cities? Yo u want to visit and discover Casablanca? You want to enjoy its charming attributes? No worries! The white city offers you many ways to live an unforgettable experience and explore ...

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Good vibes in marrakech with thrifty morocco

  Organizing a trip with a group of friends at the last minute is always possible! If the Moroccan pearl of the south was your top-of-mind destination, then be sure that you made the right decision. ...

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Get the full marrakech experience with thrifty morocco!

« Spending your vacation in a rental car isn’t always easy. But with Thrifty Morocco, the national and international car rental agency, it’s becoming possible!  Our rates ...

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Day trips to marrakech with thrifty morocco

« The narrow winding streets of Marrakech never cease to fascinate us. This magical mix between history and modern life will take your breath away!  With Thrifty Morocco, the internationally ...

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