What to see & do in Casablanca?

You like big cities? You want to visit and discover Casablanca? You want to enjoy its charming attributes? No worries! The white city offers you many ways to live an unforgettable experience and explore its monuments perfectly.
Casablanca is considered the capital of Morocco because of its commercial, industrial and economic activities. Also labelled “casa”, Casablanca is a modern city that does not stop to satisfy present and future generations by being part of the "Digital Transformation Program" and moving from Casablanca City to Casablanca Smart City. Due to the fact of being the largest city of Morocco, it will be a bit complicated to set up on your own a perfect travel itinerary that will allow you to discover all the secret corners of the white city, right? Do not worry, Thrifty is here to help. We had already planned your next trip and we will provide you with a typical guide to make your trip easier.


What to see?
The Place des Nations Unies, is the perfect starting point for a first visit of Casablanca, it is one of the largest squares of the city and it represents the place where the old and the new town meet. As a first place to explore, we suggest you to go and see the symbol of Casablanca, the Hassan II mosque. This monument is considered one of the few mosques visited by anyone belonging to any religion. It has an area of nine hectares, and it was built partly on water. And for a better exploration of this monument, do not miss its beautiful interior, where you will find a prayer hall, a Koranic school, a museum and a library.

Shopping and Dining
Casablanca is also the capital of shopping. Malls and shopping centers give you the opportunity to indulge in shopping, and of course, this city does not forget to honor its traditional know-how through its souks. For modern shopping, go visit the Maârif district or boulevard d'Anfa. If not, head to Morocco mall, the largest shopping center in Casablanca, it has more than 500 commercial brands and it is recognized by its aquarium, its musical fountain
and its Imax cinema hall. Anfa Place, Marina Shopping and Tachfine Center are not to be outdone! These shopping centers are also home to the most famous fashion and leisure brands. However, if you're looking for traditional markets, take a walk through the old medina or the authentic Habous district and wander through their narrow streets lined with stalls and artisans' workshops.
If you want to take a lunch or dinner break, there is no shortage of restaurants in Casablanca. While doing your shopping, you will find so many cafes and places in shopping centers to cater to your tastes. The best restaurants are also located in the Bourgogne, Gauthier, Racine and Maârif neighborhoods, which are among the city's most upscale areas.

Beaches and relaxation
During your stay, go for an early morning run along the Casablanca corniche to clear your mind and start your day in a better way. The Ain Diab beach is also a perfect place for jogging. Moreover, if you are fond of surfing, the Ain Diab beach remains the ideal place to live your passion everyday because of the numerous surfing schools that are installed there. For more pleasure and relaxation, you will have to continue your journey for a few more kilometers to discover the beauty of this unusual city and therefore renting a car is undoubtedly the right decision. Thrifty offers you a wide fleet of numerous vehicles that will respond to all your needs. We suggest you to get one of our “Standard & Compacts” vehicles in case you are with friends or an “SUV” vehicle if you are numerous. Continuing to the south, you will find the beaches of Dar Bouazza (Oued Merzeg, Tamaris...) appreciated for their calm environment. If you and your friends would love to do some activities, then Dar Bouazza is the right place. There are many clubs there to go for a ride on a quad bike, a Jet Ski, or even a horse ride, and to let off some steam, a paintball session will make your day. After a long day full of activities and adventures, it's time to figure out where to stay so that you can start your second day energized. In Casablanca, many hotels are available, but since we are talking about a big city where transportation is its biggest issue, then you will have to think of a place close to your next destinations. To do this, choosing hotels in Maârif or downtown will be a good choice (here are some suggestions: ONOMO hotel and Avenue Suites located in Maârif, Mogador Marina located at 10 min drive from the Hassan II mosque).

Your next trip plan is ready! All you have to do now is to book the car that suits you the most and come pick it up from one of our agencies Thrifty Morocco.