Exploring Tangier, The northern pearl of Morocco

Are you planning to spend a weekend in Tangier? But the only thing that stopping you from hitting the road is transportation and not knowing what to explore? No worries anymore! A wide range of vehicles are waiting for you as well as this guide which contains the best addresses and secret corners of the city of Tangier. In this sense, we suggest you rent one of our SUV or a Standard & Compact vehicle such as a Renault Clio with GPS to make your visit even more unique.

Strategically located in the southern straits of Gibraltar, Tangier combines many African, Spanish and Portuguese roots, making it a cultural and fascinating city. This city is considered as one of the most dynamic cities in the kingdom and it’s a haven for visitors who are coming from all over the world and wishing to experiment a unique experience.

What to see ?

When you arrive in Tangier, let the traditional aspect of this city seduce you by visiting one of its most important attractions, the Kasbah. In the heart of the Kasbah, you will discover one of the old palaces Dar el Makhzen as well as craftsmen's stores and cafes with a breathtaking view of Spain and the Strait of Gibraltar. For more exploration, head to the Medina and let the spicy smells overwhelm all your senses. Do not forget to stroll through the city's largest souk, the Grand Socco, which is the main gateway to the Medina. This place is one of the liveliest places in Tangier and to really enjoy it, we suggest you go on Thursdays and Sundays. If the Medina has aroused your curiosity, then the Cap Spartel is recommended for you. This site is one of the most beautiful spots to contemplate a stunning sunset and live every moment to the fullest.

Beaches and relaxation

When visiting Tangier, enjoy a walk in the most relaxing places, the Perdicaris Park. Also known as Rmilat Forest, this park is an ideal place to rest, recharge and enjoy the beauty of nature while also benefiting from a magnificent view of the sea. If you want to give more spirit to your stay, and enjoy more tranquility, head to the garden of Mendoubia. This place is considered one of the most wonderful green spaces in Tangier and remains a quiet place to spend some good moments with family or friends and profit from some fresh air. On the other hand, if the sound of the waves relaxes you more and reduces your stress, Tangier does not lack beautiful beaches. You can reach the Dalia beach or the Belyounech beach, which will captivate you with their wide sandy banks and their blue waters. Moreover, if you are fond of nautical activities, these corners remain an ideal place to live your passion to the full extent and enjoy various activities, such as surfing and jetskiing. It is absolutely impossible to visit Tangier without discovering the Cave of Hercules. Located about 15km from the city center, the Caves of Hercules is one of the main tourist sites of the city of Tangier, it benefits from a breathtaking architecture and offers a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean and the Strait of Gibraltar.

Shopping and Dining

After you've explored all the secret corners of Tangier, it's time to take a shopping break and get lost in the best spots of the white city.  Many shopping malls are offered to you such as, Socco Alto, Ibn Batouta, Tangier City Mall and Malabata Mall. These malls are home to national and international brands, fun parks as well as restaurants and cafes. If you are looking for places to eat, head to the Medina, where you will find typical restaurants offering traditional and international cuisine. However, if you like to have a meal while walking on the seaside, go to the Chellah Restaurant or Quai Sud or even try a lunch or a dinner in the restaurant L'Océan. Visiting Tangier implies tasting the famous mint tea of the Café Hafa. This corner offers you magical and peaceful moments as well as a splendid view of the ocean and Spain.

Deciding where to stay is also one of the main points to consider when planning your trip. For this reason, before concluding our guide, we recommend you the following hotels:

  • Kenzi Soluzar
  • El Oumnia Puerto
  • Marina Bay
  • Atlas Rif & SPA

No more hesitation! Your Tangier guide as well as your vehicle are ready. Now, all you have to do is to hit the road and live a unique experience in the most beautiful cities of the kingdom while enjoying the comfort offered by our vehicles.